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Tai chi chuan is traditional martial law focusing on development of physical and psychological quality of human being. It’s meditation, relaxation, it works and concentrates energy of chi. Tai Chi, manages to moderate stress, helps adjust blood pressure, have a positive effect on nerve system, moving ability, joins, sinews, lungs, motorial movement, teaches correct way to breath and coordination of motions, keeps the body flexible and young until older age.
Chi kung is set of special exercises focusing on human body, mind, energy and breathing. There are hundreds of systems which are divided into so-called outer or force and so-called inner, which works in different way, they are calmer and harmonically Chi kung is static and moving. There are solely positions, also theirs compositions. Their purpose is to make the body and mental stage stronger and healthier and as same as with Tai chi concentrate and work with the Cchi energy.
Stanistav Karkula started practice Tai chi chuan from 1987 with Ing. Vaclav Liska. From 1990 he teaches – from spring of this year he opens first exercise group Tai chi Chuan upon mister wishes.
In 1993 he meets Chinese doctor and master of martial law Wu-shu (Kung-fu), shifu Du Fu Kun, whom takes him as his private student, and then 1994 is Du fu Kun and Czech association Wu-shu delegates him of tutorial Chinese Wu-shu and school establishment.
He is currently master of Tai chi and Cchi Kung and in his practice he combines Chinese Tai chi and Chi kung with Mahayana Buddhism. Direct path of Kvetoslav Minarik and this art passes down to his students.
Shifu Stanislav Karkula operates Tai chi chuan style Yang. Also Tui shou, as well as San shou. Also various kinds of inner Chi kung as so-called universal targeting to cchi development, spirit and body, and also specialisation of viscus support.
Tai chi chuan style Yang – Chinese traditional style
Tui Shou – pair exercise 
San shou – martial law
Cchi kung – work art with chi